Laminate Flooring

Colonial Interiors carries a complete line of Laminate Floors from the world's leading manufacturers.  Listed below are just some of the quality brands we carry for your home or office.  Click on the links below to find out more about these brands.

Shaw Laminates -
Shaw Laminate Flooring Touchable Texture offers beveled, distressed, and extremely textured options to give your laminate wood flooring the appearance and feel of true hardwood, wood grain and all. Use texture to add a distinctive touch to your home or choose a distressed style to provide economical beauty.

Quick Step -
The original and unparalleled patented Uniclic system allows you to install the perfect laminate flooring, which will guarantee years of pleasure for both young and old - even if you decide to move home. Quick-Step is easy to dismantle - and it can be re-installed.

Berry Floor -
With Berry Floor, you are choosing the most advanced laminate wood flooring products. Consisting of multiple layers, assembled using the most advanced production procedures and subject to the strictest controls, Berry Floor laminate wood flooring products also include patented systems that increase their practicality and enhance their beauty.

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