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What Your Style Says About You

From rustic hardwood to plush, luxurious carpet, every homeowner has their favorite surfaces and textures. The flooring we choose plays a foundational role within our preferred design scheme, which represents another way we personalize our favorite rooms. Whether you prefer to follow traditional design cues or customize each room to your liking, we have all the options at Colonial Interiors to complete your overall vision. What does your favorite style say about you? Here’s our take on different design schemes and how to make your flooring fit your personality.

Farmhouse Chic

Highlighting the timelessness of weathered natural hardwood as well as other rustic furnishings, farmhouse chic design continues to trend upward and products that suit this design scheme thrive in our showroom! Genuine hardwood floors are the definitive staple and realistic laminate and luxury vinyl reclaimed wood looks also work exceptionally well. The natural beauty of tile and stone visuals will also be a perfect fit, recalling majestic mountaintops along the countryside. If you crave a farmhouse chic home, then you are probably a lover of all things warm, comfortable, and cozy, with an affinity for the great outdoors and timeless style.

Modern Minimalist

A minimalist modern design scheme focuses on clean, sleek lines that add balance and proportion and often utilizes neutrals like black, white, gray, and beige to provide high style. Many different surfaces from white and gray wood looks to a distinct herringbone tile pattern will suit this layout, with an emphasis on muted and monochrome finishes. We have also seen a rise towards more minimalistic rug designs that feature geometric prints, linear elements, and box and diamond patterns. If this modern layout is your favorite design style, then there’s a great chance that you have a focused, driven personality with a high degree of organization.

Cool Coastal

There’s nothing like soothing waves and a cool breeze to help us unwind, and a coastal design scheme aims to bring this tranquility indoors for supreme relaxation. Weathered wood floors and wood visuals full of natural character from knots, grain, distressing and other markings are a perfect fit. Cool ceramic and porcelain tile options will bring the smooth texture and can be used to create mosaics like a seaside boardwalk. Shimmering glass tile works perfectly for reflecting natural light, adding to the overall effect. If this calming design sounds like you, then you most likely have a charming, laid-back personality that cherishes peace and a low-maintenance household.


If you have a flair for elegant furnishings, a traditional design scheme will be close to your heart. Highlighting refined textiles and pieces, traditional design maintains an eye for quality and attractive details. Traditional style flooring is all about creating luxury in the home with large stone tiles, regal wood planks, and opulent carpeting. You can add an exquisite Persian or Oriental rug on top to provide appropriate visual texture and color. If a traditional design style aligns with you, then you probably possess a well-balanced personality with a true appreciation for time-honored craftsmanship and respect for the classics.


Are you looking to showcase your personality in a major way? An eclectic design scheme will allow you to mix in all of your favorite touches in somewhat of a “controlled chaos’ effect! Whether you have hard surface flooring or carpeting, you can use rugs found in our to add in your favorite patterns, colors, and textures. Layers and pops of color will lend visual interest to your eclectic rooms, and you can still find ways to keep the space hip yet chic. If you’re a major fan of this design style, you more than likely have a one-on-a-kind personality with a fun outlook on life and ample amounts of creativity.

No matter what design style you gravitate towards, the addition of your personal artifacts and heirlooms will incorporate your strong sense of self. When you come to the Colonial Interiors in Elizabethtown, KY, our flooring experts can help find the flooring options that fit your favorite vision!

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