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Our knowledge of hardwood is solid.

For centuries, hardwood flooring has been one of the most popular options for home flooring. It’s a versatile solution with tons of style variation – every individual plank of hardwood flooring is a unique piece of nature, and they change over time with age and wear. This gives every room designed with hardwood floors its own character and charm that will last for decades with the proper care.

Hardwood flooring styles are as varied as the wood species from which they’re made. Each species has its own unique natural characteristics, such as variations in knotholes, wood grains and mineral streaks. Some species are lighter, and others darker.

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Solid Hardwood vs. Engineered Hardwood

What’s the difference? Solid hardwood is the traditional version of hardwood flooring, with planks each made from a single, solid piece of real wood. Engineered hardwood is a layered wood product, consisting of a thin slice of hardwood layered on top of another piece of high-quality wood composite, such as plywood. Engineered wood is less durable, but much more versatile – it can be installed on any grade, even in basements.

The durability of your hardwood (and therefore, its longevity) is determined largely by the thickness of each plank, in addition to other factors such as the wear layer and finish.

Standard hardwood planks come in a few different thicknesses. A ½-inch or 3/8-inch thickness is common for engineered hardwood planks, for instance. Solid hardwood floors, on the other hand, are much thicker – often ¾-inch with an added wear layer. This extra thickness allows for repeated refinishing, one of the chief benefits of solid hardwood over engineered. Engineered wood can still be sanded down, but only once or twice during its lifetime.

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